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Unit Training Approach

Shafa pharmaceutical and Hygienic company  with a new approach to training courses in the pharmaceutical industry and with updated headlines, to step in the training of their personnel at different levels of deputy, management, bosses, supervisors, staff and workers in production unit  include( tablet, capsule and packaging )  so ,it will familiarize our staff with the latest technological advances in operational and headquarters in – service training  to  achieve the company's long – term and high goals. One of the most important trainings of this unit is the continuous GMP training for all company personnel.


 Training of GMP

Shafa company has taught GMP courses by  Dr Amir Mehdizadeh to recall of the requirements periodically of the country's Food and Drug Administration in line of its long-term goals and in line of Improvement of the staff level and  in 11 and  12 of may  2018. In this regard, all employees have taught continuing training in all departments such as :  production unit , technical and engineering , warehouses and QA , QC and IT  and related groups  in 4 levels of    ( worker, supervisor, master and manager).


7 Habits of Highly Effective People Training Course

This course was taught by engineer  Hemmati to enhance the productivity of the company's managers in 27  july  2018. In this two-hours training, all  energetic managers  participated in a bilateral  interaction with each other and They expressed their point of views on the details of the training title.




Shafa, under the name of the Iranian License Company, began as a pharmaceutical and hygienic manufacturer in 1969. After the Islamic revolution in 1979, imports of pharmaceutical products decreased with domestic production being mandated by the newly formed government. The newly formed government also made it mandatory that pharmaceutical companies be controlled and domestically owned.

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