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The 5th  international exhibition on pharmaceutical and related

industries 2019

This year, Shafa Pharmaceutical & Hygienic company showed a wide and active presence to the visitors about it's latest products with indescribable motivation and vivacity and unbelievable energy.

In this period of time , Shafa company introduced it's products based on previous years of experiences in Iran Pharma Exhibition and an experienced team moreover utilizing the latest innovative marketing.

In this process, Shafa got the attention of many respected domestic and foreign visitors.

Next year,  we hope to see the development of hard working family of Shafa in regards to the Strategic five-year

 research and development.














The first congress of celebrating successful figures in the field of industry and trade in Alborz province

30  january 2019


The cGMP certificate was received by the  Pharmaceutical and Hygienic for the second consecutive year




Visit of Iranian Dentists Association, from  Shafa Hygienic Unit  in 29 November 2018 , Shad Abad



The Fourth International Exhibition of Iran – Pharma  (Pharmaceuticals and related industries) from  24- 26 September  2018 , Mosala , Tehran





Fourth International Dental Implant Conference, Faculty of Dentistry, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences , 25-27 july 2018



Presence in Iran International  Beauty & Clean Bleaching (Tehran), 25-27 April 2018




The 8th International Cardiovascular Congress of the Shiraz Kowsar Hospital, 24-27  APRIL 2018











The first international exhibition of Novin Darou  , January 2018











Exclusive Specialized Exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Damascus. – Syria ,  January 2009
















Shafa, under the name of the Iranian License Company, began as a pharmaceutical and hygienic manufacturer in 1969. After the Islamic revolution in 1979, imports of pharmaceutical products decreased with domestic production being mandated by the newly formed government. The newly formed government also made it mandatory that pharmaceutical companies be controlled and domestically owned.

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