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Ethics Charter


In The Name of God

The Compassionate and Merciful

Now, as  Almighty and Exalted God willing, we have brought cooperation and excellence together  to achieve the great  purpose  that has been taken Help and support,  remember constantly that the our goal is the same,  That is to be success  to serve the creation and livelihood Life and livelihood of mankind in a manner that has enabled Divine appreciation and fulfillment , and we will give this world to others  sooner or later.
Blessed to the people who achieve livelihood during this short period of time
futhermorer service to one another,  Your and our efforts at this institution are only for the purpose and the final result is the treatment of patients 
and  to alleviate  the pain of the patients. Consequently , We, as person who  have made and  more aged and experienced rather than you  express that  the secret of success is as following the principles  below:
First :
Faith  to the sacred  essence of the God Almighty which cant do anything without its will.

Second :
,Responsibility feeling , intimacy, compassion should be in career that  with self- confidence and vigilance which can be revealed natural talent .  so  make everything interested in him/ her.
 Honesty , royality  and trusty  are  three essential  factors in career. Since the civilized men work collectively to reach the common goal   therefore they put order ,  arrangement  and correctness of action  as their slogan and avoid any action that waste others' efforts  Moreover, it should be noted that negligence in the career may incur irreparable losses and  it can put at risk  the others health and existence .                                                             
it is cleanliness. 
 you are not supposed to  paying attention to cheanliness  is  the manifestations of modern civilization. Our elders have constantly praised her/his followers and Guided their followers to purify their bodies and spirits. And today, the new civilization has caused a group to work together Attention to cleanliness is urgently needed. 
Especially in the production work that is based on cleanliness and hygiene.
 Kindly with subordinates and respect for task masters  , Those who work under your supervision have a personality. Let their  talent and initiative reveal  in the progress of work. And those who order you,  they are more experienced and helpful. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience..
 it is Privacy at work.

Though there is no hidden mystery in this institution  and what is done is against insight. But it may be possible if an attempt is disclosed before reaching the intended purpose ,so
The desired result is not achieved and collective labor is trampled.
Dear workers ,  employees , my children:
 The workshop you work on is  like your home. Try to keep your home well. And follow the discipline 
And  respect  to the rules  and  Be careful what you wish for, You might get it.
Now  by the name of  God Almighty you are at the beginning of the work,I wish you 
 health , prosperity and your success and as well as for this enterprise.



Shafa, under the name of the Iranian License Company, began as a pharmaceutical and hygienic manufacturer in 1969. After the Islamic revolution in 1979, imports of pharmaceutical products decreased with domestic production being mandated by the newly formed government. The newly formed government also made it mandatory that pharmaceutical companies be controlled and domestically owned.

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